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Snowball isn't dead.

THIS version of Snowball is dead. Bunnykill series works sort of like Zelda games. There are multiple Snowballs spanning different movies. Each one is in their own universe. (Though I know Zelda is different because it uses timelines)

Anyway, amazing flash, great action. Great inspiration.

It was pretty good

Not use to seeing 3D Animation here, but it was pretty good. I have seen better though like Dead Fantasy series.

So THAT is how it happened!

I never thought of it like this, the black guy DOES look like Coach from behind. Great animation, great humor. Hearing the Valve theme made me giddy inside.


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Amazing gameplay

Minus a few glitches, the gameplay was exceptional. I haven't seen an original turn-based style this good ever since Mario and Luigi series. I have a question, did those games inspire you to create a new interactive turn-based style game like this?

Muja responds:

Thank you!
Actually, yeah, Legend of Legaia was the game that inspired me the most. Its gameplay, however, tended to get boring after a while, so I changed it again, more and more as I got new ideas.
I loved M&L rpgs, too, and I even tried making my own Mario & Luigi game some time ago, you can still find it here on NG.

Thank you for your review!

Simply amazing

This game has so much attention to detial it could pass off as a handheld or Wiiware, Llive Arcade, or PSN Arcade game. Lets start.

Graphics: Damn amazing, so much little detail which makes everything shine so well like the curves in the wood. The graphics are very colorful and vibrant, the drawings are great and the frame by frame work on our hero is INSANE. He runs so smoothly, when obstacles hit him there is a proper animation in response for every part of his body. 10/10

Sound: Amazing sound, the music reminds me of 90s era Capcom specifically Megaman 8. All of the music is custom made with lots of variety. The voices are hilarious especially our hero who's awkward, nerdy voice perfectly matches his character. The many asian voices like the announcer is a reminiscent of Ninja Warrior. With quality music and sound this gets a 10.

Gameplay: Gameplay can be very difficult. The controls have a high learning curve, people who give low scores because of it must realize that they are NOT playing as Mario who is the king of everything jumping. Instead you play as a lanky, clumsy bafoon so you should expect the controls to be off key. Not everyone can be Mario after all ;). Anyways, this game has a very well thought out level design and gets very challenging very fast. If anyone is expecting to plow through the levels in an hour, that won't happen. This game also features not only newgrounds trophies but in-game trophies as well which makes for great replay value.

All in all, anyone who wants a challenging platformer with extreme challenge look no further.

Easily the best NG game ever.

No its not drawn, but not even drawn games have the sheer amount of detail this game has. It is really a full game, and deserves a port to Wii-Ware or DS. This pretty much sets a new standard on exactly how much detail and longevity you can put in a flash game. After this, I'll never take flash games so lightly ever again, after playing this masterpiece I realize how much potential flash games can reach.

This game is not only the best flash game ever but its even greater then the Mario fangames made in software programs like 'RPG maker' and 'Game Maker'. Not to mention the awesome save feature, awesome camera, great level design. 10/10.

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This is absolutely AMAZING.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:



This is veery good. Did you do the piano yourself?

So good :)

It reminds me of Mass Effect music ^_^

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You just can't **** with the gotdamn Batman.

Nuff said.

Just the thought of taking anything in my head and putting it in visual form is exciting.

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